July 11, 2014
Nite Flights - Solar (EP) - Review


If you didn’t already guess or read about it yourself, it’s now been revealed that Azure Blue’s Tobias Isaksson is very much the man behind Nite Flights. However compared to the soft-spoken romantic that is Azure Blue, Nite Flights echoes of a harsher tone. Built on its brutalist lyric-free architecture, hints of the Veronica Vasicka dubbed “minimal wave” genre instantly come to mind.

The result is evident in his latest 3-piece EP “Solar” where snarling synths intersect with racing snare and hi-hat melodies. While all his tracks are built on the same regiment and are purely instrumental, each track seems to have a mood of its own. With its synth grind gradually giving way to acidic arpeggios and eventually loftier sounds, one could imagine track “Solar” as something you’d hear in a shifting gears in a vintage sportscar driving through a tunnel. On the other hand lead single “Enterprise” could be seen in a more cosmic light echoing of Space’s 1977 hit “Magic Fly”. Starting with the same growling synths, “Enterprise” eventually levitates off the ground, floating about to the nocturnal twinkle of the night sky. Finally there’s the soft and dreamy, “Cosmic Sunrise” being much slower in tempo and very aptly fitting the mood of the track to the title of the song. 

With the weather warm and the sun shining, Tobias Isaksson has made all of his tracks from the 3-piece EP available as a free download on Soundcloud . You can enjoy the “Solar” EP alongside his “Nite Flights” also available on free download on Soundcloud as well:

July 5, 2014
Sail a Whale - Clay Body (EP) - Review

There’s not an awful lot said about Sail a Whale, the Swedish duo of David Kyhlberg and Sebastian Rozenberg, and maybe for all intents and purposes it’s best kept that way. Their latest effort “Clay Body” a three track EP released on Swedish cult label Sincerely Yours, continues with the duo’s mystical aura, awash with sustained vocals and flushed down with heavy reverb. Just over a minute long “In Question”, is the first track. Starting out with  more exotic percussive and string sounds, the Balearica of Sail a Whale marches with militaristic drums snaking around ghostly echoes. Short, but sweet.

YOURS0212 in question by sail a whale from sincerely yours on Vimeo.

Following track featuring Team Rockit, is perhaps the EP’s most notable. Titled “Blackboxing” the same meandering echoes appear on the track, but this type sharply-cut with members Gregorian and Ikaros’ thrashing hip-hop vocals. However, the heavy raps eventually fade away to Team Rockit’s softer, dreamier textures with the boys Gregorian and Ikaros repeating “långsamt, långsamt” (translation: slowly, slowly) before Rockit vocalist Merely seals off the track in her most heavenly vocals.

YOURS0212 blackboxing by sail a whale feat. team rockit from sincerely yours on Vimeo.

Although not as hard-hitting as their track with Team Rockit, the third and final track is title track “Clay Body”. Looping piano arpeggios and slowed vocals, build over the architecture of its deeply-layered and reverb-drenched echoes. Choral melodies arch over the songs hooks, gloriously ending in an ocean of Balearic calm.

YOURS0212 clay body by sail a whale from sincerely yours on Vimeo.

"Clay Body" by Sail a Whale is available for purchase on Sincerely Yours and comes with a USB bracelet and postcard. A rather cryptic and nonsensical accompanying note about the album appears alongside and is as follows:

"The black box is enclosed in a clay body with an ancient style when it’s excavated from the financial data center. The entropy was almost ironic in its symbolic connotations; the tier 4 facility literally collapsing on itself, not from neglect but a faulty code in an upload from the 3D printer. Like an image file converted to a txt file, with an ASCII image of a greek clay vessel inserted into the text flow. things break, poses fold, we’d like to give you a straight account for once. post-interiors, logo inheritance.

June 24, 2014
D E N A - Summer Doesn’t Mean a Thing

With blue skies and sun out, Bulgaria’s D E N A writes the perfect anti-thesis to warm weather and good vibes with her latest song “Summer Doesn’t Mean a Thing”. Produced by Robot Koch and landing on her just recently released deluxe edition of “Flash”, the bass-boosted track speaks of a love wilting away like an ice cream in the sun. It’s a lovesick tune but ultimately catchy as Denitza  ”D E N A” Todorova beats on with the heavy repetition. The Berlin-based Todorova had this to say about the track:

“‘Summer Doesn’t Mean a Thing’ is about the disappearing feeling of warmth and the faded colors of the summer when love is gone. It’s a song I wrote while trying to hold on to the last glimpses of a feeling in the middle of a burning heat a while ago. I was interested to explore the contrast between the intensity of summer life outside on the streets and the feeling of a freezing cold wind inside of me. Robot Koch, who is an excellent producer I had the honor to work with on a few tracks before, had sent me this beat and I immediately knew this was it. The sadness of the accordion described perfectly the vibe, and the smooth beat felt like the love you want to hold on to while it’s melting down like an ice cream under the burning sun.”

Check out the track below and you can grab your deluxe edition of “Flash” HERE:

June 24, 2014
MØ - Walk This Way

Denmark’s little underdog MØ has made her way to the top of the food chain and what better way to illustrate this than with a brand new video, right? Titled “Walk This Way” and put together by fashion glossy i-D, an all dolled-up Karen Marie Ørsted stars as the track and field queen leading the team. Proving that she’s the one in charge and not a bunch of lousy trophies and some minor hurdles, Ørsted throws around her weight against the track’s choppy loops and clap-along melodies. MØ will tour North America this fall and you can check out the tour dates HERE.

Check out the video for “Walk This Way” below:

June 24, 2014
Alaska - Saudi (ft. Dim Out)

Alaska is the Swedish duo of Zacke and Movits! member Johan Reinhardt, and recently they’ve just put out a second single titled “Saudi”. Featuring another duo, this time the funky, soulful hip-hop stylings of Dim Out, Alaska throw in a massive hip-hop track on “Saudi” blending slower, softer R&B sounds to heavy, booming bass loops. It’s Swedish hip-hop at it’s best and you know nothing says hip-hop like a pimped out Volvo-240 right?

Check it out below:

June 19, 2014
LADiDA - Mercy Fuck

Oh la la, la di da, well here’s a bit of a curious track by LaDiDA titled “Mercy Fuck”. While the title of the song is definitely an eyecatcher and a little bit confusing, the Gothenburg-based band makes things a bit obvious as the song goes along, simply saying that being intimate with someone unattractive can be a very, very painful and awkward experience. While you could say that frontwoman Britta Bea Persson is shallow, she does compensate by throwing in some dry humor, some quirky and wobbly noises from a saw and even George Clooney (or is it a George Cloney clone?) to her Gothenburg twee.

You can watch the awkward birthday party that is “Mercy Fuck” below:

11:06pm  |   URL: http://tmblr.co/ZDuiJy1JC4cUf
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June 19, 2014
Tove Styrke - Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking to You

We’ve already established Tove Styrke is back with a vengeance, but now she’s back in video form with her latest, “Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking to You”. With its power-pop vibe grinding against its schoolyard “pattycake, pattycake” beat, Styrke bends around the computer-generated contours and splines with her dance crew. You can check out the video below:

June 19, 2014
Yung Lean - Yoshi City


Sweden’s number one purveyor of Arizona Iced Tea, teenage rapper Yung Lean releases his latest video for “Yoshi City”. The video which is notably higher budget considering Lean’s affinity for 32-bit graphics, is directed by one of Sweden’s greatest, Marcus Söderlund whose filmography has included everyone from Lissie, The xx,Tough Alliance and Taken by Trees. Riding in his Renault Twizy (not a Smart Car!) and hanging with his Sad Boys crew Jonatan “Yung Lean” Leandoer throws out his best euphemisms of being a “lonely cloud” tooting loops, slowed vocals and slick drumrolls. Yung Lean will be touring North America this July and the track will feature on his upcoming album “Unknown Memory”.

You can check out the video below:

June 19, 2014
jj - All White Everything


"All White Everything" is the latest track from Swedish haze pop duo jj and marks the groundwork for their fifth album, "V". Although the name reeks of hip-hop extravagance in its title, "All White Everything", the video directed by their frequent collaborator Olivia Kastebring is anything but. Taking place in the restraining environment of a sanitarium where everything is hauntingly sterile and white, a contortionist and the drawings on the wall come spring to life giving that little shimmer of hope. With its chorus gently repeating, "All white everything
from my face to my wings, 
all white everything from my nose to my sins”, the song emphasizes the purity of self, an innocence and the confession of love that is the track.

Check out the track below:

YOURS0213 all white everything by jj from sincerely yours on Vimeo.

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