August 10, 2014
Hello Saferide - I was Jesus

She may be a woman of many names, but this time Annika Norlin of Säkert! assumes the role of Jesus in her English-language project Hello Saferide. Somewhere between a lyric video and a number carefully-placed items, Annika’s saviour song “I Was Jesus” directed by Mats Udd sing-speaks of Norlin’s religious allusions to clanging tambourine and strumming guitars. Short, sweet and wonderfully twee  ”I Was Jesus” will appear on the album “The Fox, the Hunter and Hello Saferide”. You can check out the track below:

August 10, 2014
Eliot Sumner - Information

Formerly known as I Blame Coco under which she released 2010’s “The Constant”, the London/Stockholm based singer/songwriter and Sting progeny Eliot Paulina “Coco” Sumner appears with a new video and EP titled “Information”. Pulling the same power-pop punches as under her previous moniker, “Information” rolls in with riveting basslines, searing synths and Sumner’s vocal droning. Check out the video below where you can see Eliot speaking to the cars.

You can check out the rest of Sumner’s album here:

August 10, 2014
iamamiwhoami - Tap Your Glass

Sweltering in tropical paradise, iamamiwhoami’s Jonna Lee finds herself sunburned and skin peeling the backdrop turquoise waters and white sands in her latest video for “Tap Your Glass”. A spacious, lofty single that finds its way through buzzing electronics, clunky xylophone keys and a crystalline sound. the single finds itself as one of the ten tracks on her recently announced album “Blue”. The recently announced album with its complete tracklist can be seen below and is available for pre-order.

Check out iamamiwhoami’s latest audio-visual spectacle below:

The tracklist for “Blue” is as follows as a one word descriptor of each track according to Jonna (via PopJustice)

1. ‘fountain’ “depart” 2. ‘hunting for pearls’ “dive” 3. ‘vista’ “possess” 4. ‘tap your glass’ “address” 5. ‘blue blue’ “imagine” 6. ‘thin’ “swallow” 7. ‘chasing kites’ “storm” 8. ‘ripple’ “union” 9. ‘the last dancer’ “return” 10.shadowshow’“arrive”

July 28, 2014
Merely - Forever

Team Rockit member, mystic and Gothenburg-based enchantress Merely has a new track for us today titled “Forever”. Starting a soft piano intro, the dreamy auras of “Forever” are flooded with the sweeping sound of pounding beats and quick arpeggios. With this track, slow and solemn quickly melt away to the heavenly euphoria of Merely’s crystalline vocals. You can check out the single below or purchase the track on bandcamp here.

July 26, 2014
Ex Cops - Black Soap

Best buds and lovers, American/Danish musical duo Ex Cops are back with a new single “Black Soap”. The single will features on their upcoming album “Daggers produced under the supervision of none other than Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan. On “Black Soap” which builds up on a revved-up bassline, Amalie Bruun’s sugar-sweet vocals battle with Brian Harding’s gentler yet harsher tones against the spiral of droning guitars. 

You can check out the track below:

July 19, 2014
Laleh - Goliat (Lyric Video)

It wasn’t so long ago when Laleh charmed the Nordics with her smash-hit “Some Die Young”, so now for her latest single “Goliat” she decided to dedicate her video to her fans. It’s a cleverly selected video, as the track mentions with its “do-it-together” chorus through the words  ”ja vi ska slåss mot Goliat” which translates to “yes we can fight the Goliath”. It’s pretty and prim with Laleh’s vocals are soothingly sweet only to be topped off by additional vocals by a girl’s choir and closed off with a solemn piano outro in the uplifting track. You can check out the video below:

July 18, 2014
Centimeter - Push Me Over

Taking us into Berlin’s dystopian Spreepark which has been featured in the likes of movies such as action-thriller Hanna is the latest music video and short film from Swedish indie-rock trio Centimeter. Titled “Push Me Over”, the song follows four teenage friends as they relive the forgotten glory of the East German theme park through its toppled plastic dinosaurs and rusting thrill rides. Despite the dreary atmosphere of Spreepark, the song is bright and cheery brimming with clanging piano keys and upbeat drum kicks. As lead vocalist Johan Landin explains, the music video is about seeing the light in the dark as he mentions below: 

"The first time we sat together and looked at pictures of Spreepark, we instinctively felt that we were on the right track. One important thing for us though was that, even if the location itself seems to be utterly desolate and dreary, that it’s also capable of emitting hope and warmth. It would be too easy to just portray the cynical and gloomy aspects in such an environment"

While the end has come for Spreepark as it has been bought out by the city for redevelopment, you can enjoy the last moments of the park in the video below. You can also expect a longer version of the film some time in the fall.

July 18, 2014
Marlene ∞ - Indian Summer


The skies are bright and the sun is out so Marlene Strand’s gotta video for that warm and coveted feeling. With her latest song “Indian Summer” Strand not only flaunts her vocal powerhouse but also throws down some sparkly beats and showcases a little dance shimmy alongside best bud Ji Nilsson and a couple of other dance-inclined friendlies. It’s a feel-good song that stays warm forever, so it’s kind of like you know, a party in a greenhouse right?

Check out the video below:

July 17, 2014
The Dø - Miracles (Back in Time)

Parisian duo The Dø are now back in full force and to follow up they’re now releasing not only new music but a short film as well for their upcoming album “Shake Shook Shaken”. For now however, what we have is their latest track “Miracles” along with a short little teaser of the film. Working on its building organ loops, “Miracles” intensifies with its repetition coming back more forceful each time with vocalist Olivia Merilahti hammering down the question “do you really wanna go back in time?” like mantra.You can check out the track and a teaser of the short film below:

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