June 10, 2014
Dante - Trillion

Dante Kinnunen, producer and member of Swedish twee collective The Concretes, has got a sparkly new song for us titled “Trillion”. Using his urban R&B vibe and twinkly beats, Dante skips the misogyny and talks about girl-power in a world he’d wake up feeling like a trillion dollars. Unfortunately, for him the world still sucks and we still need more women in power, but this song can hopefully inspire us to keep dreaming of a better world.

Check out “Trillion” below:

June 10, 2014
Ivory - Andreas Kleerup

This latest song isn’t by Andreas Kleerup or doesn’t “actually” feature Andreas Kleerup, but this song is about Kleerup. Well what might you ask is so interesting about Andreas Kleerup? Anyway, if you didn’t know Kleerup, the electronic producer that has featured alongside Lykke Li, Robyn and Tityo once showed up extremely intoxicated on a Swedish morning talk show. So this is where this song comes in, Ivory, the enterprising rapper who douses himself in that trap sound, thought it would be best to track down Kleerup and sell him some product. The video’s “Kleerup” doesn’t want to get caught, but Ivory isn’t one to turn down a sale in this latest video of here.

You can laugh at Andreas Kleerup’s misfortunes here on Ivory’s latest track “Andreas Kleerup”:

June 9, 2014
Brandon Beal - Twerk It Like Miley (ft. Christopher)

In our continually globalizing world, there aren’t too many more places where Miley, Pharrell and “twerking” haven’t reached, which is why for the last little while Brandon Beal’s “Twerk it Like Miley” has been dominating Danish airwaves. Based out of Copenhagen, but originally from Tyler, Texas, Brandon Beal, imports American his American R&B vibes over slinky, electronic beats, getting down and dirty, while pulling in Denmark’s Christopher (Nissen) to throw in some of Sisqo’s “Thong Song” references.

Recruiting fellow R&B artist and videographer Morten Winther to work on the video, the concept was perhaps an inspired take on a combination of American pop-glam. In his true Scandinavian, manner Winther keeps things simple, recycling elements and props from his previous work to have a video revolving around three charismatic women like in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. While Morten doesn’t intend to daze people with an artsy-fartsy video or do something overtly cliche, the goal was to make a video that was both predictable and unpredictable to engage a larger audience as he explains in his latest interview with GAFFA. As Denmark’s latest viral craze builds momentum, Winther explains that it’s about doing “something that people already know, but at the same time bring something new to the field”.

You can check out the video below:

June 7, 2014
Lisa Alma - Bittersweet

So far Lisa Alma has put a video for every track she’s released under her “Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers” EP and with closing track “Bittersweet” Alma closes another chapter. In what could not be a more suiting end, “Bittersweet” is the result of Lisa’s hopeless romanticism - sweet and sultry yet ultimately ending with an air of uncertainty. On the track, lofty vocals come crashing down as distant guitars and sorrowful strings fade away in a downward spiral. The video which features a shirtless young man vaguely resembling Joaquin Phoenix against a white wall, is minimal and interpretive as the actor moves around emotively to the lyrics of the song.

You can check out the video and an acoustic rendition of the track below:

June 5, 2014
Seinabo Sey - Hard Time

Descending from a family of Gambian musicians Seinabo Sundqvist Sey melds together her West African roots and Swede-pop sensibilities. Titled “Hard Time”, the track is Sey’s second single where her video takes us to the ghostly backdrops of a house party in a gloomy mansion. Thundering percussion grinds up against riveting guitar riffs, where Seinabo’s sobering vocals match up to the somber mood of the video.

Check out “Hard Time” below: 

June 3, 2014
Ronni Vindahl - May 26th, 2014 - Interview


While Ronni Vindahl may recently be known as the producer behind Denmark’s breakaway pop act MØ, the 31-year-old Copenhagen resident has been a staple of the tiny Nordic country’s burgeoning soul-pop scene. Chiseling out perfectly crafted beats brimming with horns and silky guitar slides, Ronni has been responsible for some of Denmark’s most intriguing funk and soul-pop acts from his solo work as Vindahl to his duo with Karen Marie Groth in Ivory & Gold and finally his producer collective Boom Clap Bachelors. A relentless worker and a producer who constantly gets his hands tied in many concurrent projects, Ronni makes it his mission to peddle out his funky rhythms to the masses. With so many converted to his brand of soul-pop, we think he could very well be the unofficial Church of Denmark, so we sat down on a dusty rooftop and talked to Vindahl about what he does best - making music.

June 3, 2014

Picture + Words: Peter Quincy Ng

You’ve been around in music for a while. Tell us how it got started:

Yeah actually it started out when I was around 12 and my mom gave me an electric guitar and I started playing the guitar. From that time I just wanted to play guitar all the time and I quit playing soccer, sports and just wanted to play music. So I started playing with a lot of punk and rock bands until high school and (then) started an interest in soul and funk music. It’s like a fusion when you go through at some point in your life as a musician.

Tell us how you started producing music:

After high school I started producing because it was very interesting. I’m 31 so at that time (when I was younger) computers weren’t that developed and it was like an old PC and I’d have like 8-tracks and then track them through my pedal board and guitar to do really simple stuff. But I thought it was fun! Actually I started producing when I was 18 and did that for a lot of years while playing for bands. Then we created Boom Clap Bachelors as a producer collective because we were all very young and feeling the same time of music, so we’re like, “hey man let’s do an album that’s instrumental!”. I think it was back in 2004 or 2005, we did an album and then the rest is history. It took off through a lot of hype our band, Boom Clap Bachelors.

Besides your participation in Boom Clap Bachelors, you work most notably in MØ but also in Ivory & Gold and your own solo career, Vindahl. Tell us how you juggle your priorities working in so many different musical projects:

That’s a good question and it’s not easy to balance between all these different things. At some point I had to simplify things. I started with doing my own solo project after Boom Clap Bachelors and that was just something I had to do emancipate myself. That was fine and I learned a lot, but then I met Karen (Marie) Groth at a studio in Copenhagen and we took in the same type of Nordic indie pop thing and we just began making tracks, then that became Ivory & Gold.

Actually, when I started to make that album I met Karen Marie Ørsted from MØ, because we had the same manager and she was looking for a producer for a long time and I didn’t really like the stuff she did before which was rap and I really didn’t feel it. However, she had done one acapella song which was the song that later became “Maiden” and I got the vocals from that because I heard it from (my manager) Bjørn’s house. I thought like, “hey give me those vocals and I’ll try to do something with it” and I did, and I made this track called “Maiden” while Karen (Marie Ørsted) was on an internship in New York where she was attending an art academy. So yeah that was like a long story!

Your first major recognition as a producer came through Kendrick Lamar sampling Boom Clap Bachelors, but did anything prepare for the adventure that would become MØ?

Oh yeah (agreeing with the Kendrick Lamar comment) that’s nice! Actually Karen, Bjørn and I have been on that journey from the beginning but obviously she’s the artist, she’s MØ and we’re behind (the scenes), but none of us were expecting this kind of explosive hype and journey. So like for a year-and-a –half we’ve been working full-on, around the clock touring, working finishing the album and it took Karen and I, (with) the album maybe more than a year to finish the album, maybe a year and a half (for) “No Mythologies to Follow” and we weren’t at all prepared for what was about to happen. We had no fucking clue, no idea. Now we’re just working our asses off to keep up with it.

However, you weren’t the only producer to work on “No Mythologies to Follow” as through ”Glass” with local whiz kid ELOQ and then through Diplo on “XXX 88”. Diplo’s a pretty big deal. How did you get a hold of him? Wasn’t it through Twitter?

Yeah that’s right, that’s right! Yeah I think she tweeted about who she wanted to do a collaboration with and one of the acts she mentioned was Major Lazer. Diplo was very active on Twitter and captured that (tweet). As far as that I’m not really sure but I think he replied or someone retweeted it and then he replied with something like, “I love her or we love her”. So when Bjørn caught that he just kept trying to contact Diplo and was like, “hey man let’s make this happen” and Diplo was game and totally into the idea. So as Diplo was doing a show in the Netherlands some time last year, maybe less than a year ago then Karen, Bjørn and I went to Amsterdam and scheduled a session with him. We met him for the first time and met with him (Diplo) and Chris from Major Lazer and they had a lot of beats on a laptop and just gave us the tracks so I could open them and listen to them. Then Karen and I picked up the demos we felt were cool to work on and that’s how it started. Just out of a tweet! The power of the internet!

Touring and producing has given you a busy schedule. How do you manage your downtime?

That’s a good question because it’s really difficult. Sometimes now as things have improved with I don’t know what you can call “success” we can get single rooms for our hotel, so when you check in the hotel you can sleep in your own bed and have some private time otherwise it’s hard to relax. Either you’re in a nightliner (sleeper/tour bus) or a van driving all day to a new venue, new country and you have no private time or just drive into the airport to fly to a new country. It’s basically not possible to relax unless you know how to relax in a car (laughs)… which is not that comfortable. A lot of lousy sleep!

Rules for keeping the peace on the road:

We don’t really have any rules because we’re all very good friends; we respect each other and give each other privacy. We mostly try to go out after a concert when we feel like it and we almost always do it together or at least go back to the hotel together. We don’t have any rules and it’s harmonic that way and we’re balanced as an entity that way. That’s very good and easy for all us of as a group.

One of the things most fans don’t realize is the immigration and paperwork that comes with being an international act. Any stories that you can tell us about that?

Ah yeah (groans)! I can tell you for sure that I thought the US was a headache but then you should try Australia, Brazil and Russia (with a Danish passport)! (Laughs)

Australia and Russia weren’t that bad, but Brazil in particular was difficult. We had to play a festival down there in December and the Brazilian embassy in Copenhagen had to get our info some weeks in advance and I think we were a little late because we weren’t home, so everything was maybe a day late or so. Everything was booked for that trip but the embassy was so uncooperative keeping us on a thin line until hours until we had to leave, and being cold as ice. So we had to get an attorney from Brazil to handle the situation in Copenhagen to get our visas on time so we could go. That’s really something you learn, that if you have to go to another country which is not in Europe (in our case) or you’re not a citizen, it’s not that easy always. There’s a lot of work (in being an artist with an international touring schedule).

We all know that a show can sometimes be nerve-racking - any pre-stage rituals?

In the beginning we all used to take a shot of vodka, but now we don’t do that anymore. Yeah that was in the beginning but right now we might have a few drinks and a couple of beers –that’s it and then we’re on hot. We try to get our last contact (with each other) before we go on stage and that’s it.

It’s gonna be a long journey this tour with its adventures and mishaps. Anything you look forward when you head back home and kick back in Copenhagen?

I’m actually looking forward to more shows, with tons of festivals and in New Year’s I’m becoming a dad so I’m taking a break this fall with my wife. We’re having a daughter. I’m going to try my best to work as well and be productive. Maybe it’s gonna be kid’s music (laughs)! Well Karen (Marie Ørsted) and I have made a lot of demos, so I definitely have to work on something. Australia and New Zealand are coming up! I’m travelling the world!

May 24, 2014
Ji Nilsson - Heartbreakfree


Although mostly known for working behind the scenes penning tracks for Noonie Bao and most recently Marlene Strand, our plucky little songwriter from Sweden, Josefina “Ji” Nilsson recently put out her latest track for “Heartbreakfree”. The video which sees Nilsson dressed in a post-tumblr fortune-teller glam in a VHS tribute to Eartha Kitt, Ji ditches the notion of bf/gf for being bffs. Soothingly calm and a refreshing and easy to take in R&B track, watch the video from our blue-haired heroine below:

May 22, 2014
Tove Styrke - Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You

With the super long and attention-grabbing title of “Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You”, former Idol contestant Tove Stryke marks her return to the oh-so-lovely Swedish pop scene. Beating with its “pattycake, pattycake” handclapping rhythm, the single is spunky, funky with its odd guitar edges and hopes to be Tove Styrke’s venture into the international market with her recent signing to Neon Gold Records. Produced by Familjen’s Johan T. Karlsson and co-written by Tove herself, you can check out the track below:

May 22, 2014
Merely - Lava

Not too long ago, Sincerely Yours’ and Team Rockit’s Merely teased us with a clip about her loss of innocence in “Hypermemory" and now she’s out with her first track "Lava". Now singing her siren song, Merely’s cries speak of the Swedish songstress’ battles with her insecurities as heads into the light. With Merely’s ethereal vocals echoing past dreamweaving Balearica and pounding rave leads she truly enchants and captivates with "Lava". You can check out the track below along with another cryptic note from her label Sincerely Yours:

"wanna be my thoughts? take a spot? don’t get caught" - sincerely yours

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