May 23, 2013
Azure Blue - Willows and Pines


"Willows and Pines" is the latest single from modern Swedish romantic Tobias Isaksson of Azure Blue. With the soft forest feel of a name like "Willows and Pines", the track echoes of Isaksson’s calm while the hand claps and curious undertones of vintage synths creep into to the mix. A combination between sounds from his previous album to his more recent musical loves "Willows and Pines" is the marriage of old and new as Tobias explains to us:

“‘Willows and Pines’ is more similar to the first album’s sound than the first single ‘The Road I Know’ from the new album. I think the summer sounds are in my genes but it moves towards modern beats in the likes of Dev Hynes who is currently my favorite producer.”

Like all good TV shows, movies or what not, “Willows and Pines” is only the second in a trilogy that will be unveiled when the album drops later this fall. We’re not exactly sure what that means right now but until then check out the single below also available on iTunes and Spotify:

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