July 4, 2011
Big Fox - July 4th, 2011 - Interview

July 4, 2011

Words: Peter Quincy Ng

If you’ve ever played music at a young age, there’s a point where you begin to question whether you really enjoy it and why you have to practise and sit there for hours learning a piece. That was the feeling for me and it was also the feeling for many years for upcoming Malmö-based artist Charlotta Perers of Big Fox who was too lazy to practice the piano so I felt compelled to ask her why music and why now?

A logical first question would be why Big Fox? Why the name?

I like foxes and what’s asociated with them but it actually started with a nickname in another music compilation where we played a melancholic cover of Samantha Fox’s “Touch me”.

You played the piano and clarinet when you were young and you weren’t the most enthusiastic music student. How would you describe your love/hate relationship with music?

When I was younger I felt that music was all about perfection and talent, which I didn’t think that I had. At least not enough to become a musician. Then, a few years ago, I realised that it’s what you feel when you play or listen to music that really matters and then I started to love it. Now when I play it’s like I get access to a space where things seem logical and beautiful and when I’ve seen a great concert I get a feeling that things are possible in way that’s difficult to describe.

So how does it feel like now that you’re a musician? Were you parents a bit confused?

I think a lot of peolpe around me were a bit surprised when I started making music. I’m still quite confused.

What were you up to before deciding to become a musician and when did you decide to make that life-changing moment?

Five years ago I felt that I wanted more music in my life. I don’t know where that feeling came from but it was very strong. I studied at the University at that time but I took a year off to go to the countryside and just play music. I didn’t think that I had a great talent but I just felt that I had to do it. After a while I discovered artists like Frida Hyvönen, Jenny Wilson, Feist and Cat Power and I slowly realised that I wanted to make my own music as well.

Oh yes I forgot to congratulate you for your lovely video that aired on PSL. I heard you wrote to them directly to premiere the video. They must have been pretty receptive to what they saw correct?

Thank you! I haven’t spoken to them directly but it seems as they liked it, yes.

You constructed many of the paper cranes in the video? How many did you make and how long did it take?

Well I actually made all of them except for the large one in the end. I didn’t count but it was a lot. I had paper cranes all over my living room and I think we only used half of them in the video.

Besides being a pro with origami, I see you took part in the designing the artwork for Big Fox? Are there any other talents that we should be aware of?

I think that the “additional artwork” refers to the paper cranes. Even though I was quite involved in the whole process I could never have done it without the filmmaker Nicholas Wakeham and the scenographer Jonna Wakeham Ölund. They were amazing. Other talents? Hmm. I’ve been told that I make quite delicious chocolate cakes.

Tell us about your partner-in-crime/bandmate Gerda?

Gerda is a professional cellist but in Big Fox she also plays the xylophone, bicycle bells, old whistles and other existing or non-existing instruments. She was my number one choice and I was so nervous the first time we rehearsed together. I remember that I instantly loved what she did to my songs.

Although it’s the third largest city in Sweden, compared to the STHLM and GBG musical scenes, Malmö is still not a major player in the Nordic music scene. Being a Malmö resident, was an easy choice to stay put in the city and not go elsewhere?

Malmö is a very nice city to live in, especially if you’re into any creative business. People help each other and there are a lot of clubs and scenes for more unestablished bands. So I would say it was quite an easy choice to stay here.

Well thank you for your time Charlotta. Can we expect a new record or any other plans for the future?

I have some gigs in Sweden this summer and my plan is to release an album later this year.

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