July 10, 2011
Jakob Hysén Hedberg - Stockholm S/S/A/W - July 10, 2011 - Interview

Photo: Derrick Leung

July 10, 2010

Words: Peter Quincy Ng

In order to inaugurate the Autumn/Winter ‘11 edition of Stockholm S/S/A/W we had another chat with editor and friend Jakob Hysén Hedberg (read last year’s interview). A graphic designer by profession, Jakob had a vision of creating a magazine which he called “naïve and graphically interesting” and “a projection of myself - a little boy in to big shoes”. Besides that he’s also a been a journalist during Stockholm Fashion Week, is the art director behind Daniel Adams-Ray’s Lagom fashion label and is a model on the side. We called him the Swiss Army knife of the fashion industry - a newly adopted nickname that he seems to take pride in.

Hey Jakob good to have you back again.

Thanks, good to hear from you again.

Did you have a good Midsommar?

Lovely! On the Swedish countryside with friends. Just as it’s supposed to be.

Last time I interview you sent me a picture of yourself with a finger pointed at your nose. Please explain the finger and your blog MONGON JAG TRAFFÄT (RETARDS I’VE MET).

Haha take a look doesn’t it explain itself?

How has work been lately?

Hectic but good. My new issue came out and I’ve been working a lot with V Magazine, V Man and V Spain. But it’s fun. I love it!

So tell us about yourself you’re a model, magazine editor, graphic designer and journalist. Did I miss anything you’re like the Swiss army knife of the Swedish fashion industry?

Haha I’ll use that nickname! Haven’t been doing that much modeling the last (few) years but I do love graphic design and new projects.

Did you receive any formal education or is Mr. Hedberg a self-taught learner?

I studied at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm which was awarded the best communication school in the world in 2009 when I graduated. I learn more things every day and modeling did of course give me a lot of knowledge of the fashion business.

Adding to the list you also run a music/fashion label called LAGOM with former Snook member Daniel Adams-Ray. Tell us more about your involvement with LAGOM and how it works.

I was involved with Lagom, mostly art directing. But I do not have time to work with that project anymore and have decided to concentrate on other projects.

So it’s another issue of Stockholm S/S/A/W. What can we expect this time?

By far the best one since I started 2 years ago. Contributing in this issue are amongst others Dorothea Barth-Jörgensen, Sara Blomqvist, Andreas Öhlund, John Scarisbrick, Ann-Sofie Back and international guests such as Kai Z Feng, Katrin Thormann and Amanda Nørgaard.

Well if anything I heard there was a hurricane during your shoots for this issue. Something different no?

Hehe, not really but a storm, and several members of the team received tornado warnings on their cells. We managed to get the calm look we wanted anyway, Kai Z Feng is a genius.

There are a few familiar faces to be seen again in Stockholm S/S/A/W. Fellow Swede Sara Blomqvist is among one of the models returning for an editorial and your close friend Dorothea makes an appearance as well. What’s it like working with people close to your heart compared to working with new talent?

I love working with Sara and Dorothea! A mix of friends and new people are the best. But I would use Sara and Doro for every issue if I could!

According to people there’s definitely the STHLM look. Please describe if you will.

Modern minimalism.

Stockholm fashion week is coming up in a month. Are you ready?

Haven’t really had time to think of that yet but it will be good as always!

So before I let you go, let’s talk about Sweden.

A favorite Swedish model?

Dorothea Barth-Jörgensen.

We hear you’re a pretty big fan Allsvenskan team IFK Göteborg and Tobias Hysén. Any relation to you by chance?

Not by blood …



Oskar Linnros or Veronica Maggio?

Daniel Adams-Ray!

Kalles Kaviar or Sill?


Snus or Vodka?


Fika at the café or a night out at the bar?


Advice to any girls looking to score a chance with Jakob?

Already in love.

Haha I already knew that. Just checking. Any final words?

Love it, like it!

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