July 20, 2011
Brief Conversations - Tanya Dziahileva (Dyagileva) - July 20th, 2011

photo: Eric Guillemain

Brief conversations with Tanya Dziahileva (Dyagileva)

If you’ve been following the runways of New York, Paris or Milan a few seasons back chances are you’ve probably heard of Belarusian beauty Tanya Dziahileva - we’ve even mentioned her a few months back in our interview with Eric Guillemain. Eric liked my interview so he was kind enough to catch the mysterious Tanya D. Hitting the international stage at 14 years old, Tanya became a breakaway hit at the tender age of 16 with her bold, ethereal features. Gracing the covers of Vogue and Numero as well as walking for McQueen, Versace and Prada, she has definitely made a new for herself along with having one very full passport.  So after a long hiatus Tanya is back to hit the road. Tanya and I have been exchanging facebook messages and emails for the last few months and she’s been busy lately flying daily in and out of cities so there wasn’t really time for a full out interview. It’s understandable after all, because for a model every week is a fashion week. She’s been messaging me minutes before her flights flying to Monaco, then Milan, then back to Paris in a matter of three days. So here’s a collection of messages that we shared and while I didn’t leave with the interview I expected, I was left behind with a new friend. Besides isn’t it captivating having someone strong, silent and mysterious in your life? P.S. She’s my favorite model.

July 20, 2011

Words: Peter Quincy Ng

Hi Tanya, how have been? Where are you now?

I am very good, thank you. I am in Paris for a little while and then going to New York to find apartment for me to move there.

How are the doggies doing?

They are actually very good, thank you but they are in Russia with my mom. I am thinking to bring them with me to NY.

I see you took some time off lately, well rested and ready for the spring/summer season aren’t you?

Oh Yes! I am glad that I took a break. Happy to be back and ready to rock and roll ;)

I guess my first question would be how should I address you? I’ve heard Tatiana, Tanya, Dyagileva and Dziahileva. I mean they are all variations of the same name but what do you prefer?

My name is Russian and by passport it’s Tatiana Dyagileva. Before I had a Belarusian passport so that is why my name was misspelled. With a Russian passport the translation is normal. Everyone calls me just Tanya D. /Tanya Dyagileva these days though.

So you’re 20 years old and you’ve already worked for the who’s who in the industry from walking the runways and hanging with Lagerfeld to gracing the covers of Vogue. You’ve enrolled at a modeling school since 9, been doing runways since 14 ever but did you ever stop to think about how far you’ve made it so far?

In the fashion industry there always ups and downs. I’m still young and not finished to climbing my mountain yet.

You began modeling with such determination at a young age did you ever imagine doing something else?

Yes but I always imagined myself being some sort of manager or at least a photographer or artist. I like everything when it comes to art and modeling.

Modeling as you mentioned before is like a good school. By the time you were 16 you felt like you were 30. Did you feel like you grew up to fast?

I personally think that models should start their carrier not younger than sixteen.  I do feel like I have been growing up too fast, but I had one big life experience and in the end it’s probably been all positive.

Starting off at such a young age you knew exactly what it was like to model. If you had children would you allow them to do the same?

Maybe yes or maybe not but for sure not when they are fourteen.

So before I leave you what’s ahead for Tanya?

I am crazy busy with jobs and flying these days but to all the fans I am not on twitter it’s another person!

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