September 28, 2012
Bossa Machine - The Fat and Ugly Man (EP)

Bossa Machine who were formerly known as Darling Fascist Bullyboy a rather obscure reference from British sitcom “The Young Ones”, have recently released their EP titled “The Fat and Ugly Man”. The musical project of Maria Forslund and Gustaf Gimstedt of The Movements, Bossa Machine’s EP is largely defined by its glitchy and heavily-fractured staccato sound. While being decidedly lo-fi does play into the band’s unique and do-it-yourself sound, in many cases it’s more of a doubled-edged sword. “Silence” their first ever video single, is by far their best with its choppy, heavily glitching sound going hand-in-hand with the song’s their indie-pop playfulness. On the other hand, the lo-fi sound and unnecessary fuzz almost obscures title track “The Fat and Ugly Man”. There’s definitely some fun and creativity going on with this record on the remaining tracks; the analog synthesizer and mod-wheel spinning “I Like You Better with Your Clothes On” and the string quartet track “Stuck in Limbo” but a bit of polishing up and higher-fidelity sound would certainly give them a stronger pop edge.

You can stream the entire EP below:

June 8, 2012
Darling Fascist Bullyboy - Easy Listening for a Difficult Time

Although I’ve never heard of the genre in my life, Gothenburg DIY indie-electro outfit Darling Fascist Bullyboy (or DFB in short) recently concocted the name “electro-bossa” for their latest single “Easy Listening for a Difficult Time”. Combining high-intensity yet lo-fi Casio-keyboard noise against slow Brazilian jazz vocals and some rather morbid lyrics, “Easy Listening for a Difficult Time” makes DFB’s single one of the more interesting sounds I’ve heard lately. It’s a bold sound, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise from a band who take their politically-charged name from British sitcom “The Young Ones”.

Check it out below:

February 21, 2012
Darling Fascist Bullyboy (DFB) - Silence

New Gothenburg-based duo of Gustav Gimstedt and Maria Forslund of strangely-titled Darling Fascist Bullyboy (DFB) release their video for “Silence”. Most reminiscent of Chilean synthesizing sweetheart Javiera Mena whom has previously collaborated with fellow GBG resident in Jens Lekman in Spanish language track “Sufrir”, DFB combines their glitchy brand of lo-fi Casio pop to their loud and outspoken vocals in track “Silence”. Not exactly the most high-budget production in video or sound but it’s a fun little feel-good video with lots of makeup and stop-animation. Hey who said you need lots of money to have fun and make good music anyway?

Fun stuff below:

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