September 26, 2012
Fritjof & Pikanen - Säg då

Swedish language reggae dub and dubstep aren’t the most obvious things that you would put together in a song but seems like its a sound Stockholm DJs Fritjof Löfgren and Juuso Pikanen have been working hard on. For their latest video “Säg då” (lit. Say when), wobbly melodies race along to lightning-fast drumbeats as a schizophrenic track-suit clad man unleashes his dance fury onto the city streets.  Definitely a track to check out for the curious listener.

Watch “Säg då” below:

June 13, 2012
Fritjof & Pikanen - Shivoy

This fall marks the release Fritjof & Pikanen’s album “Danvikstullsbron”, named after the bridge nearby where the two musicians both grew up. The second single so far from the duo, “Shivoy” like the last is filled with the “skanking” tropical sounds of reggae dub against deeply-vocoded Swedish-language vocals. Warm, festive and summery music for the ever-changing dynamic of Stockholm… and you thought Sweden was just all about IKEA and cute blonde girls did you?

Check out the video below:

April 20, 2012
Fritjof & Pikanen - Stort bråk (nere vid grillen)

The latest visual stimulation from STHLM Electronic duo Fritjof & Pikanen features skateboarding kids and fearsome creatures from another world. The oddly named “Stort bråk (nere vid grillen)” Big Troubles (Down at the Grill) with its vocoded-reggae dub vibe and drum ‘n’ bass beat is sure to be a club banger.

Check it out below:

August 8, 2011
Tove Styrke - High and Low (Juuso Pikanen Dubstep Remix)

Here’s another video of Tove Styrke directed by Nikeisha Andersson for the Swedish idol alumni. It’s not an official music video (there already is one for High and Low) but more like a montage of Tove wooing fans at this year’s Putt i Parken and flying a helicopter showing that her talents extend beyond the performance stage. So check out the remix by Juuso Pikanen and unless you want to blow out your windows in your house you might want to tone down the bass… but some people like that type of stuff so it’s your call:

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