December 4, 2012
The Mary Onettes - The Evil Coast

"The Evil Coast" is the latest single from The Mary Onettes, the indie dream pop outfit from Sweden’s iconic Swindie giant Labrador Records. Echoing of frontman Philip Ekström’s latest work with teenage indie pop sensation Amanda Mair, the track rings of the same distant guitars and softly textured vocals. As for the video, it features footage of the Swedish quartet through their travels in the tropical South American nation of Brazil. "The Evil Coast" will also release on their upcoming album "Hit the Waves" out March 12th, 2013.

Check it out it below:

February 28, 2012
Amanda Mair - TV4/Nyhetsmorgon Performances

With the recent release of her self-titled debut, the seventeen-year-old Stockholmer went on morning TV show Nyhetsmorgon to discuss her rapid rise to fame and signing to Labrador Records. Backed behind her band, Mair performs a more drum and guitar driven performance of “Doubt” and “Sense” and is accompanied on the piano for track “House”. Watch the interview and performances below:









September 26, 2011
Pallers - The Sea of Memories - Album Review

Stockholm-based mustache-clad duo Pallers are releasing their first full length debut September 27 on Labrador Records. Several years in its making, Pallers is Henrik Martensson and Johan Angergård (Club 8, The Legends, Acid House Kings) - two friends whom have been making music since their early teenager years. The result was the creation a deeply electronic record and not in the usual club banger sense but one that delves on multi-layered and heavily atmospheric minimal techno.

While the opening track “Another Heaven” is a dark and hollowing track that eerily lingers in the dark with its highly resonating beats, for the most part the record is light and wispy, reliant on its sparing use of vocal melodies that are usually soft as a whisper. If anything highly retrospective titles like “Come Rain, Come Sunshine” and “Years Go, Days Pass” clearly hint at the direction of the record. “Come Rain, Come Sunshine” which digs heavily into its decidedly lo-fi sound slowly builds on a warming crescendo as the song progresses like the peering sun after a heavy rainfall. The track is decidedly light and crispy like a slice of toast. On the other hand, “Years Go, Days Pass” feels distant and nostalgic with its lightly fading rhythms, yet despite its icy undertones it still manages to glisten with its soft electronic sprinkles. For those seeking a bit more energy on the album there’s “Humdrum” which feels like a deeply sedated progressive house track with its heavy pop and click rhythm and there’s even “The Kiss” which feels like it could have been pulled off the soundtrack from the Zach Braff and Natalie Portman movie “Garden State”. If being glum and melancholic isn’t your thing though, oddly enough there’s even the catchy little Italodisco ballad “Wicked” which features a collaboration with vocalist Elise from an obscure 90s Eurodisco band named Zodiac.

With its deeply atmospheric rhythms and vocally sparse songs, there’s a general sense of impermanence that seems to dominate this record. While the record has just enough oomph to penetrate the deep caverns of the human mind, at the same time it feels vague, distant and dreamlike. So if you’re looking for that electronic record to rock at your party sadly Pallers probably won’t be your thing, but if you want to spend some quality time by yourself and enjoy some nice soothing music… well then this record might just do it for you.

Stream the album below:

Pallers – The Sea of Memories

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