December 31, 2012
Top Nordic video singles of 2012 (#1 - 25)


Photo from Susanne Sundfør’s “White Foxes”

As we mentioned in our last post, we’ve steered clear of many of the years trends from British boybands, hipster R&B to “Gangnam Style”, not because we think we’re better than you but to put out what we thought were the biggest (and often smaller) pop tracks from the Nordics that made this year what it was. Sure we’ve avoided many of the fads, memes and trends, but it doesn’t mean we love a gimmicky video, because everyone needs a selling point. In the end, if a song or video speaks to you, then it is a good song - plain and simple. So without further ado, here’s our Top 25 Nordic video singles of the year, with a special mention for those videos which were taken down and could no longer be with us today.

See the Top Nordic video singles (#26 - 50) HERE.

#1 Susanne Sundfør - “White Foxes” - Norway

Our top video single of 2012 was an easy choice. Directed by Mats Udd, the video which revolves around four separate stories whose common thread is the fox is brilliantly cut. Combine that with the song’s icy synths and Sundfør’s operatic vocals and we have ourselves a clear winner.

Also kudos to Sundfør for also having the live performance of the year.

#2 iamamiwhoami - “kill” - Sweden

As seemingly absurd as Jonna Lee’s iamamiwhoami project can seem on the surface, the underlying notions of its lyrics and visual presentation yield something deeply heartfelt and visceral.

#3 Jonathan Johansson - “Centrum” - Sweden

Taking the lead in a local Swedish production of Dracula and working behind the scenes in The Knife’s “Tomorrow in a Year”, this modern poet with his dramatic falsettos certainly knows something about stage presence.

#4 Young Dreams - “Fog of War” - Norway

Working again with director Kristoffer Borgli, Young Dreams’ “Fog of War” once again deals with the lost of innocence. Definitely a video worth checking out if you can stomach the idea of a burning dog that is.

#5 Taken by Trees - “Dreams” - Sweden

While for many years Victoria Bergsman has painted herself as a shy and elusive person, her stronger and more confident work on the Balearic blast that is “Other Worlds” shows Bergsman is no longer that “scared little girl”.

#6 Postiljonen - “How Will I Know / All That We Had Lost” - Norway/Sweden

While Whitney Houston may have been passed away earlier this February, Sweden’s Postiljonen brings new life to the Houston single through its Balearic pop twist.

#7 World Tour - “Forever Tonight” - Sweden

From their small town of Funäsdalen in western Sweden, World Tour proclaims it’s a good place to live and a good place to die. With its breathtaking backdrops and stunning panoramas it’s easy to see why.

#8 Nordpolen - “När mitt blod pumpar i dig” - Sweden

It’s Balearic for the person who likes Balearic.

#9 Alpaca Sports - “Just for Fun” - Sweden

A charming duet who sing charming twee pop songs. Add in some overgrown members of the llama family and you’re probably dying from cute overload.

#10 MØ - “Pilgrim” - Denmark

No big budget required here, but rather a found footage video perfectly synchronized to Karen Marie Orsted’s eclectic R&B sound.


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May 30, 2012
Amanda Mair - House

With her album just released last week internationally, Stockholm teenager Amanda Mair was quick to follow up with her latest video and single for “House”. Mair’s “House”, starting off as a slow and solemn piano ballad quickly erupts in a flurry of strings as Mair laments of her faraway love. As for the video its a kind of a logical disjoint, as the Franciscan monk which appears in the video transports Mair and her piano from point A to B, transversing forests and frigid beaches.

Check out the video below:

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February 28, 2012
Amanda Mair - TV4/Nyhetsmorgon Performances

With the recent release of her self-titled debut, the seventeen-year-old Stockholmer went on morning TV show Nyhetsmorgon to discuss her rapid rise to fame and signing to Labrador Records. Backed behind her band, Mair performs a more drum and guitar driven performance of “Doubt” and “Sense” and is accompanied on the piano for track “House”. Watch the interview and performances below:









February 13, 2012
Amanda Mair - Sessions

Amanda Mair recently appeared on Swedish newspaper to perform a short set with single “Sense” and track “Leaving Early”. There’s also a short interview in Swedish with Amanda about her being Sweden’s answer to Kate Bush and her new self-titled release. Watch the performance below:

"Sense/Leaving Early"


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February 1, 2012
Amanda Mair - Sense

The sixteen-year-old Amanda Mair recently released her debut video for single “Sense”. Amanda’s warm, coaxing vocals and the song’s light and snappy beat contrasts against the video’s cold, sterile environment of our beloved Sweden. Musing about with an empty expression on her face, the fresh-faced Stockholm-based youngster walks around carrying books and holding signs briefly describing herself and the songs lyrics. Amanda Mair’s self-titled album is out February 15th on Labrador Records and if this song is a sign of things to follow, then this would probably explain your poor sleeping patterns in the coming days.

Watch the video below for maximum happiness:

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December 20, 2011
Amanda Mair - Skinnarviksberget (TV4/Nyhetsmorgon Performance)

Brand-new signee to Labrador Records, Amanda Mair is only 16-years-old. The Stockholm-based singer is working on releasing an album sometime spring 2012 and if the song about the hill overlooking Stockholm, “Skinnarviksberget” is a sign of what’s to come then Amanda Mair definitely is a force to be reckoned with.

Check out the performance below on TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon for maximum happiness:

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